Genesis Technology Services

Survey & Design

Site Surveys

We have a highly experienced planning and survey team in place to carry out surveys to MNO Specifications and template requirements.

A critical part of any design is a thorough site survey to establish existing telecommunications assets across fixed, mobile and wireless infrastructures. The Genesis team of field surveyors have the site access accreditations, capability and significant experience of designing and planning complex technical solutions of all site types, Greenfield, Rooftop or Streetworks.

This enables us to capture all the required site asset data to design upgrade and new sites.

When required we can carry out a full structural climb down survey to capture the steel member sizes and connection details to produce a structural model of the telecoms structure.

Drone Services

Using drones equipped with high resolution cameras, we provide high resolution 3D photogrammetric representation of a site and its assets allowing remote inspection and accurate measurements of azimuth, tilt angles and coordinates and detect defects, rust and LoS obstruction. 

Using this method, Genesis can also build an inventory of equipment on site allowing the extraction of GIS mapping, BIM modelling and CAD drawings that can be used to visualise potential site upgrades, build simulation models and technical site survey reports.


Genesis can provide high quality panoramic photographic surveys by capturing high quality images over 360 degrees at fixed heights on rooftop sites.

This can be done as part of the site survey activity to assess any obstructions or identify possible upgrade opportunities

Site Design

Genesis offer the acquisition, planning, design, and construction, management of telecom sites for the major telecom operators via our experienced design and delivery team including:

  • Site acquisition, design and project management since 2002
  • Site Surveys – One and Two man on all site types
  • Full Structural Surveys
  • Site share applications
  • Rollout & NTQ’s
  • In house and Offshore Design Office
    • Production of Site Drawings in AutoCAD to MNO specifications
    • GA, PD, DD or Construction Drawings and As Builts
  • Electrical and Cooling Calculations and production of Schematics
  • REC management
  • LOS issues
  • Wayleaves
  • Pro X5
  • Provision of site dependencies