Genesis Technology Services

Operation Support Systems


Drawing on our team’s extensive experience in project management, network design, vendor management, and risk management, we are ready to assist you in planning and implementing upgrades. Working closely with your team, we will identify your needs, assess your network requirements, and develop a customised plan that aligns with your business goals. Our approach ensures that we deliver cost-effective upgrades that meet your operational needs effectively.


With extensive expertise in process analysis, optimisation, and streamlining, our experienced professionals are highly knowledgeable in industry standards and frameworks such as ITIL and TM Forum Frameworx. By working closely with your team, we will assess your current processes, identify areas that require improvement, and develop a well-defined strategy to enhance your operations. Our approach ensures the maximisation of customer value through the refinement of your processes.


Boasting extensive experience in network monitoring and analysis, performance optimisation, and a deep understanding of performance management tools and techniques like SNMP and network traffic analysis, our team is primed to collaborate closely with yours. Through this partnership, we will diligently monitor and analyse your network’s performance, identifying key areas for improvement. Subsequently, we will craft a comprehensive plan to optimise your network’s efficiency, ensuring that it consistently delivers peak performance and aligns seamlessly with your business needs.


Drawing upon a wealth of experience in troubleshooting and issue resolution, incident management and escalation, as well as comprehensive knowledge of the specific systems and components utilised in the OSS environment, our professionals possess exceptional customer service skills and excel in teamwork. Together with your team, our joint efforts will result in the provision of prompt and efficient support and maintenance services to ensure the uninterrupted operation of your network. Through our meticulous approach, we guarantee that your customers will receive outstanding service and support, fostering the growth and sustenance of their trust in your organisation.