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Professional Services



We are an international consulting firm specialized in providing high level advisory services in business, policy, and financial strategies to telecommunications and technology companies, governments and international organizations.


Whether you need Genesis Helpdesk to manage out of hours calls, provide critical daytime overflow, or help with your disaster recovery, our 24/7 call answering service allows your business to always stay switched on.

Our help desk support services team is extensively trained to replicate your current processes. We work alongside you to identify and implement changes to make your operations more valuable and efficient. If you’re looking for high quality helpdesk outsourcing, Genesis Helpdesk has the solution. When you choose us, you receive a dedicated, highly trained team to increase your service levels and provide your customers with constant support. If your customers are awake, we are too.


With significant cost savings when compared to operating your own full-time team, outsourcing to our 24/7 help desk maximises efficiency, better manages workloads, and ensures you are always going above and beyond for your customers.


Specialised, on-demand services are available to address specific issues or requirements within your organisation. These services are provided by professionals with expertise in a particular area and encompass activities such as network design, build and connection, operation, project management, and technology implementation. Each service is tailored to meet the unique needs of your organisation, whether it’s a one-time solution or a short-term resolution for a telecom-related problem.