Genesis Technology Services

Data Center

Network Infrastructure Services

The network infrastructure services encompass essential tasks such as network cabling, rack installation, and cross-connects. This involves running network cables from the data center’s network switches to the racks and patch panels. Racks will be expertly installed and configured, including the setup of power strips, cable management, and optimisation of airflow. Furthermore, clients will benefit from cross-connects for seamless telecom connectivity, facilitating the connection of their equipment to the data center’s telecom infrastructure.

Fiber Optic Services

The fibre optic services encompass the installation of fibre optic cables for connecting the data center to external telecom networks. Moreover, these services include providing fibre connectivity within the data center itself, ensuring seamless and efficient communication infrastructure.

Remote Hands Services

The remote hands services provide comprehensive on-site support for clients’ equipment, addressing various needs including server reboots, cable swaps, and hardware installation. This service ensures prompt and reliable assistance for maintaining and operating clients’ equipment effectively.

Testing Services

The testing services guarantee optimal performance and adherence to industry standards for the data center’s infrastructure and systems. These services thoroughly examine and validate the proper functioning and reliability of all components to ensure they meet the required standards.